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Say Cheese!

Andy Warhol once said that “the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” A photo snapped captures the exact moment in a person’s life.

When I was a girl one of my warmest memories is of my Dad looking through the lens of his camera. It wasn’t flashy but it did the job. He had a darkroom in our basement. Occasionally we would be allowed to observe the developing process. I remember the smell of the chemicals and the sound of the paper being transferred from tray to tray. Eventually it would hang on a string with a simple clip. His photos stopped time for a moment. I didn’t realize it then, but it also captured time. Each photo depicting a person; the good, the bad and the ugly for sure, but also the hilarious.

We live in a different age. Phones are slick and thin and have become our modern photo albums. We share photos almost instantly on every imaginable social media platform we can. I admit it. I do it all the time. If we want photos printed, we open an app, select a photo (or 100) and they magically arrive on our doorsteps’ a week or so later in orange envelops or digital books. Ultimately, they’ll be put on a shelf and gather dust like the photos of yesteryear.

What then is the solution? How do we take the photograph and make it a modern keepsake? My Great Keepsake has the answer – the photo upload in a personalized book. We have hundreds of books. Whatever your age or interest there is something personalized for you. Most books include a photo upload at no extra cost. The photo upload adds another layer of personalization. Long after they have grown up, they will have a photo that captures their personality, a treasured keepsake.

The photograph, however we take it, will always be around. We will never stop taking them. It’s what we do with them that count.

Nov 19th 2019

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